Vintage Deep Sea Diving Helmet

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This remarkable Diving Helmet is an assortment of various vintage and authentic diving helmet parts, most likely assembled by an experienced hardhat diver who wanted a working helmet that was similar to a Mark V Navy helmet. In our expert opinion, this helmet appears to be an early Japanese pearl diving helmet which was remodeled to resemble the famous USN Mark V hat. In 40 years in this business, we have not encounter a single diving helmet like this one. It is constructed of solid brass with not a trace of copper to be found.We have polished and lacquer coated all parts and it has been mounted on a slab of 15″ x 15″ hardwood and electrified with a showoff light mounted inside. Attached to the breast plate is an authentic factory MFG plate, but, as stated previously, this helmet was NOT made by Desco and is not an original Mark V USN Helmet. Maintains all necessary valves including air vents up inside the bonnet of the helmet. Quite frankly, this rare treasure is a stunning show piece that will stir the imagination of all…This is a great choice for someone interested in unique diving equipment of a different breed. We pack and ship worldwide…

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