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Steve Tracy 1st Edition Giclee sailing art

$1295.00 - More Details

Steve Tracy is a contemporary American artist who’s work is shown internationally […]


$ - More Details

Christopher Bell is a well respected and distinguished sculptor known for his […]


Ship’s Figure Head “Model” for A. Reed

$3,500 - More Details

This is a wood carved model of a ship’s figure head, carved […]

Ship’s Figurehead HUGE !

$ - More Details

This exquisite ship’s figure-head is a glorious one-of- a- kind piece. Measures […]


Vintage “Ironsides” Bookends

$ - More Details

This charming pair of vintage brass or bronze bookends weigh 2Ibs, 4oz […]


WWII Submarine Depth Gauge

$P.O.R. - More Details

This is an authentic WWII diesel submarine depth gauge.  This was a […]

U.S.S. Flasher Painting

$1500....throw us an offer...were always listening - More Details

Vintage naval oil painting of the WWII USN Submarine USS Flasher SS-249. […]


Marine Salvage

$Prices vary - More Details

Maidhof Bros. is always buying and salvaging loads of marine and nautical […]

ship's inclinometer

Ship’s Cargo Inclinometer

$ - More Details

A good sized cast brass ships pendulum style “Clinometer” instrument on solid […]

ship's oil painting

Original Marine Oil Painting

$350 - More Details

An original oil painting of a sailing ship at sea by artist […]

Ship's Ditty Rack

Ship’s Cabin Bulkhead Ditty Rack

$225 - More Details

A hand crafted bulkhead mounted ditty rack of solid mahogany.  Laced with lacquer […]

Ships Binnacle

USN Binnacle Compass

$P.O.R - More Details

A US Navy ships Binnacle compass all decked out and on display […]

Large Wooden Pulley

Pirates of the Caribbean Pulley

$ - More Details

Pirate Ship Block and Tackle Rigging… The Maidhof crew has just acquired a […]

Wooden Pulleys

Antique Block & Tackle Pulleys

$Prices vary - More Details

Maidhof Bros. Shipware is loaded to the gunnels with tall ship’s rigging.  […]

Propeller Lamp

Vintage Bronze Propeller Lamp

$175 - More Details

A solid bronze boat propeller skillfully transformed into a salty table lamp. […]

Port & Starboard Lanterns

Vintage Port & Starboard Lamps 18″

$850 for the pair - More Details

A good sized pair of American mfg port and starboard ships running […]

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