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US Navy Fights Back, by DeRosset

$1850 - More Details

Glorious Master Piece by famed Historical Marine Painter Richard DeRosset depicts a […]

Brilliant DeRosset Seascape

$2750 - More Details

This New Seascape Painting by renowned artist Richard DeRosset is a spectacular […]

Painting by John M. Becker

$275 - More Details

This is a lovely scenic painting by the mysterious and obscure artist […]

Hidden Cove By Tripp Harrison

$2495 - More Details

The quality of artwork by Tripp Harrison is unfailing. Coupled with his […]

USS Nautilus (SS 168) Painting by R. DeRosset

$1500 - More Details

USS Nautilus (SF-9/SS-168), a Narwhal-class submarine and one of the “V-boats”, was […]

Surfers & Sailors

$525 - More Details

This cool hand-made, hand-painted “The Barefoot Beach Bar Sailors & Surfers” sign, […]

Hand Painted Key West

$325 - More Details

This Bright and Lively painting of the Key West was hand-painted by […]

“A Dead Whale Or A Stove Boat”

$325 - More Details

This set of bookends replicate the famous century old monument “A Dead […]

Cherry Wood Seahorse, Pyrogravure

$20 - More Details

This Cute Seahourse Wall Hanging was created by brilliant Cincinnati-based artist Lauren […]

Cedar Seahorse, Pyrogravure

$25 - More Details

This Remarkable Seahorse Wall Hanging was created by brilliant Cincinnati-based artist Lauren […]

The Titanic Sinking, By R. DeRosset

$450 - More Details

This is a giclee print by Renowned Marine Painter Richard DeRosset, of […]

Funky Decorative Coat Hangers

$95 - More Details

We have two different decorative coat hangers available for purchase.  They were […]

Solid Brass Captain’s Hooks

$8.50-25.50 - More Details

We have enough gorgeous Solid Brass Captain’s Hooks in our showroom to […]

Authentic 1794 Sea Chart

$495 - More Details

George Washington was still walking the planet when this Authentic Antique Sea […]

Nice Captain’s Ditty Rack

$250 - More Details

This Mahogany Captain’s Ditty Rack would make a great addition to your […]

Brass Towel Rack For Yacht

$ - More Details

The Shiny Brass Towel Rack mounts to the wall, and folds up […]

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