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Captain’s Oak Swivel Chair

$525 - More Details

This Sturdy 1st Class Captain’s Swivel Chair is made of solid oak […]

Unique Dolphin Coffee Table

$750 - More Details

Transform your living room or sitting area with this amazing conversation piece. […]

1700’s Pirate Chest

$3500 - More Details

This Truly Remarkable Antique Pirate Chest is believed to have hailed from […]

Antique Sea Chest

$1650 - More Details

This glorious sea-faring chest lived most of its life aboard the S.S. […]

For the Captain’s Wife

$3250 - More Details

This pretty piece of kitchen furniture was designed with the Captain’s Ol’ […]

Helm & Propeller Coffee Table

$ - More Details

This remarkable coffee table was brought to life by the creative minds […]


Antique Ship’s Helm Dining Table

$ - More Details

Feast your blood shot eyes upon this truly magnificent site! This remarkable […]


Nice Captain’s Ditty Rack

$250 - More Details

This Mahogany Captain’s Ditty Rack would make a great addition to your […]

Ship’s Cabin Fold-Up Ditty table/bench

$325.00 - More Details

This authentic ships ditty table is made of solid mahogany and its […]

Ship’s Stowaway Rack

$ - More Details

This vintage brass stowaway rack was salvaged in Australia from the New […]


Authentic Vintage Ship’s Helm Coffee Table

$2250.00 - More Details

This authentic vintage ship’s helm coffee table is made of solid mahogany, […]

Beautiful Authentic Porthole End Table

$ - More Details

This Authentic Ship’s Porthole End Table was restored and brought back to […]


Ship’s Wheel Dining Table with Officer’s Chairs

$ - More Details

This unique ship’s wheel dining table is constructed from an authentic steering […]


B-52 Bomber Engine Nose Cone Cocktail Table

$1650 - More Details

This AUTHENTIC B-52 bomber engine nose cone cocktail table has a 3 […]

Ship's Ditty Rack

Ship’s Cabin Bulkhead Ditty Rack

$225 - More Details

A hand crafted bulkhead mounted ditty rack of solid mahogany.  Laced with lacquer […]

World Famous Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras 1870 page 2

$35 - More Details

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras North Carolina. This famous lighthouse was […]

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