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Antique Steamer Trunk

$1200 - More Details

This incredible rare treasure is known as a “Steamer Trunk” which means […]

Vintage Teak Hatch Bulkhead Cabinet

$ - More Details

Feast your sea fairing eyes on this one of a kind treasure […]


Vintage 1st Class Passengers Stateroom Teak Bulkhead Cabinet

$ - More Details

A vintage antique stateroom bulkhead cabinet recovered eons ago from a shipbreakers […]


Handmade Pirate Chest

$ - More Details

Master woodworking, design and welding is what it took to bring this […]


Classic Nautical End Tables

$2650-4900 - More Details

This Pair of Classic Nautical End Tables are comprised of authentic mahogany […]

Glorious Ditty

$ - More Details

Thanks to innovation and brilliant creativity, this particular ditty rack has been […]


Captain’s Oak Swivel Chair

$ - More Details

This Sturdy 1st Class Captain’s Swivel Chair is made of solid oak […]


Unique Dolphin Coffee Table

$750 - More Details

Transform your living room or sitting area with this amazing conversation piece. […]

1700’s Pirate Chest

$3500 - More Details

This Truly Remarkable Antique Pirate Chest is believed to have hailed from […]

Antique Sea Chest

$1650 - More Details

This glorious sea-faring chest lived most of its life aboard the S.S. […]

For the Captain’s Wife

$3250 - More Details

This pretty piece of kitchen furniture was designed with the Captain’s Ol’ […]

Antique Ship’s Helm Dining Table

$ - More Details

Feast your blood shot eyes upon this truly magnificent site! This remarkable […]


Nice Captain’s Ditty Rack

$250 - More Details

This Mahogany Captain’s Ditty Rack would make a great addition to your […]

Ship’s Cabin Fold-Up Ditty table/bench

$325.00 - More Details

This authentic ships ditty table is made of solid mahogany and its […]

Ship’s Stowaway Rack

$ - More Details

This vintage brass stowaway rack was salvaged in Australia from the New […]


Authentic Vintage Ship’s Helm Coffee Table

$2250.00 - More Details

This authentic vintage ship’s helm coffee table is made of solid mahogany, […]

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