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1st Class Helm Bar Top Table

$3750 - More Details

This Stunner is comprised of an authentic Mahogany Ship’s Helm, real ship’s […]


Nautical Patio Table

$3000 - More Details

This remarkable nautical table was salvaged from the decks of a schooner […]

Decorative Nautical Coffee Table

$650 - More Details

This charming nautical coffee table is the perfect find for someone who […]

Bow Sprit Bar Table

$3950 - More Details

This Remarkable One-Of-A-Kind Bar Table is comprised of an Authentic Vintage Bow […]


MADE IN AMERICA Nautical Table

$1995 - More Details

This Brilliant Masterpiece was designed and created by Maidhof Brother and Master […]


Classic Nautical End Tables

$2650-4900 - More Details

This Pair of Classic Nautical End Tables are comprised of authentic mahogany […]

Nautical Card Table

$ - More Details

This Teak Card Table has been fully restored to shipshape condition by […]


Teak Yacht Table

$595 - More Details

This Wall Mounted 1st Class Folding Yacht Table is made of solid […]

Unique Anchor Table

$1875 - More Details

This One-of-a-kind piece of true artistry was designed and brought to life, […]

Antique Ship’s Helm Dining Table

$ - More Details

Feast your blood shot eyes upon this truly magnificent site! This remarkable […]


Ship’s Cabin Fold-Up Ditty table/bench

$325.00 - More Details

This authentic ships ditty table is made of solid mahogany and its […]

Ship’s Wheel Dining Table with Officer’s Chairs

$ - More Details

This unique ship’s wheel dining table is constructed from an authentic steering […]

Cargo List > Furniture > Tables