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WWII LifeBoat Compass

$425 - More Details

A WW2 era brass Lifeboat binnacle compass with the original oil burning […]

WWII Era Life Boat Compass

$450 - More Details

A beautifully restored antique compass made by John E. Hand & Sons […]

USN Mark I Gimbal Compass in Box

$950 - More Details

Authentic US Navy Bu of Ships No.1 Compass, Mark 1 Model 1, […]

1920’s USN LIfeboat Compass

$750 - More Details

A 98 year old US Navy lifeboat compass made by the Lionel […]

WWII Lifeboat Survival Compass

$550 - More Details

This Amazing Nautical Treasure was produced by the famous toy train mfg […]

Authentic Vintage Marine Binnacle Compass

$4500 - More Details

This Authentic Vintage Binnacle Compass originated in Bergen Norway and was used […]

L.J. Amsterdam Binnacle

$7500 - More Details

This is an Authentic Vintage Ship’s Binnacle by L.J. Hari Amsterdam, NO […]

WWII USN Shore Boat Compass

$ - More Details

This is an authentic WII USN shore boat compass marked   ” Navy […]


Vintage Yacht Constellation Compass by Kelvin-White

$1,750.00 - More Details

This Vintage Yacht Constellation Compass was manufactured by the Kelvin-White Nautical Instruments […]

Vintage British Binnacle Compass, Never Used!

$750.00 - More Details

This is a fine British binnacle compass by Heath & Co. of […]

WWII U.S. Navy Boat Compass, All Original

$550.00 - More Details

This WWII U.S. Navy boat compass by C.G. Conn LTD. of Elkhart, […]

Ships Binnacle

USN Binnacle Compass

$P.O.R - More Details

A US Navy ships Binnacle compass all decked out and on display […]

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