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American President Lines Copper Telephone

$ - More Details

This Vintage APL 1950’s era rotary telephone has been fully restored to […]


1920’s USN LIfeboat Compass

$750 - More Details

A 98 year old US Navy lifeboat compass made by the Lionel […]

Big Eyes Binoculars

$ - More Details

These Big Eye FUJI MEIBO Naval Binoculars are made of aluminum, steel, […]


WWII Lifeboat Survival Compass

$550 - More Details

This Amazing Nautical Treasure was produced by the famous toy train mfg […]

WWII US Navy Bridge Telephone

$1250 - More Details

Some treasures are scarcer then others, and this is one of those […]

Brass Replacement Dials

$45-65 - More Details

We have an assortment of various brass dials meant for ship’s clocks […]

US Navy Deck Electric Switch Board

$ - More Details

This unique Treasure is the “Real McCoy”.  An authentic US Navy electric […]


WWII Submarine Depth Gauge

$1850 - More Details

This amazing treasure is an Authentic WWII Submarine Depth Gauge, salvaged and […]

Vintage Surveyor’s Transit

$850 - More Details

This Stunning Vintage Surveyor’s Transit has been meticulously restored to showroom condition […]

Vintage USN Sextant

$ - More Details

This Rare USN Sextant sits stunningly in a varnished mahogany box which […]


Vintage Naval Foghorn

$695 - More Details

This Authentic Vintage Naval Foghorn is in good working condition. It still […]

Vintage Ship’s Signal Horn

$2250 - More Details

An authentic Ship’s Signal Horn comprised of solid brass fittings and aluminum fittings. […]

Big Eye Binoculars

$ - More Details

These Big Eye FUJI MEIBO Naval Binoculars are made of polished aluminum, […]


Vintage Ship’s Steering Station

$3500 - More Details

This Authentic Vintage Ship’s Steering Station was manufactured by Lidgerwood MFG Co […]


Solid Brass Perko Bell GIANT SIZED

$1250 - More Details

This Authentic PERKO Marine Bell has been lightly engraved with it’s ship’s […]

Authentic Vintage Marine Binnacle Compass

$4500 - More Details

This Authentic Vintage Binnacle Compass originated in Bergen Norway and was used […]

Cargo List > Instruments