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Vintage Electric Clock by McClintock CO.

$ - More Details

This is a vintage clock manufactured by the O.B. McClintock Electric CO. […]


Ships Barometer by Chelsea of Boston USA

$ - More Details

This classic Ship’s Bell Barometer features a double bellows holosteric movement that […]


Chelsea 4 1/2″ Barometer

$395.00 - More Details

  This Carbon Fiber Barometer features a lacquered solid forged brass case, […]

Chelsea Clock Chrome Over Brass

$ - More Details

This nice Chelsea quartz clock is made of chrome over brass. This […]


Chelsea Signal Flag Clock

$ - More Details

The Carbon Fiber Flag clock with brass finish features a precision etched […]


1940’s Caille “Special Twin” 5 Speed Boat Motor

$2,450.00 - More Details

This rare vintage Caille 5 speed rowboat motor was unique during it’s […]

Bathyconductograph By Dittmore-Freimuth Corp.

$850.00 - More Details

This vintage bathyconductogram was manufactured by Dittmore-Freimuth Corp. of Milwaukee, WI.  It […]

Vintage British Binnacle Compass, Never Used!

$750.00 - More Details

This is a fine British binnacle compass by Heath & Co. of […]

L’Ingr. Chevallier Marine Telescope, Paris, c. 1915

$1250.00 - More Details

This authentic vintage L’lngr. Chevallier marine telescope measures 10.5 inches when closed, […]

Pre WWII English Telescope

$2,650.00 - More Details

This brass, leather wrapped telescope was manufactured by Spencer-Browning & Co. of […]

Rare Vintage Elto Inboard Motor

$4,250.00 - More Details

This is an extremely rare vintage inboard motor by the Elto Outdoor […]

WWII U.S. Navy Boat Compass, All Original

$550.00 - More Details

This WWII U.S. Navy boat compass by C.G. Conn LTD. of Elkhart, […]

1953 British Tank Binoculars

$450.00 - More Details

Vintage 1953 set of British tank binoculars were refurbished by the Israeli […]

Restored 40″ Ship’s Helm

$ - More Details

This authentic 40 inch ship’s helm has been restored to ship shape […]


Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock “Pilot” Limited Edition

$3,500.00 - More Details

This distinctive, new in box, handcrafted seagoing timepiece, is created by the […]

Lukenheimer Brass Steam Whistle

$ - More Details

This Lunkenheimer brass steam engine whistle measures about 9 inches long.  It […]

Cargo List > Instruments