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1953 British Tank Binoculars

$ - More Details

Vintage 1953 set of British tank binoculars were refurbished by the Israeli […]


Restored 40″ Ship’s Helm

$ - More Details

This authentic 40 inch ship’s helm has been restored to ship shape […]


Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock “Pilot” Limited Edition

$3,500.00 - More Details

This distinctive, new in box, handcrafted seagoing timepiece, is created by the […]

Lukenheimer Brass Steam Whistle

$ - More Details

This Lunkenheimer brass steam engine whistle measures about 9 inches long.  It […]


Small Kinsley Brass Steam Whistle

$295.00 - More Details

This small brass steam whistle made by Kinsley of Bridgeport, CN, measures […]

Seth Thomas Brass Quartz Chronometer

$275.00 - More Details

New in box, Beautiful Seth Thomas brass quartz chonometer measures a little […]

Carbon Fiber Chrome Chelsea Barometer

$495.00 - More Details

New in box, this carbon fiber dialed barometer features a lacquered solid […]

WWII USN Deck “Clearance” Light

$750 - More Details

This WWII USN Deck Clearance light stands 37 inches tall and is […]

Vintage WWII Francis Searchlight LTD. Spotlight

$1450.00 - More Details

This vintage WWII spotlight model type M 17 was manufactured by the […]

WWII Submarine Depth Gauge

$P.O.R. - More Details

This is an authentic WWII diesel submarine depth gauge.  This was a […]

Authentic Ship’s Engine Order Telegraph

$3750 - More Details

A vintage ship’s engine order telegraph with original faceplates still intact. Painstakingly […]

Antique Klaxon Horn

$ - More Details

A very old manually operated Klaxon signal horn that works like a […]

ship's inclinometer

Ship’s Cargo Inclinometer

$ - More Details

A good sized cast brass ships pendulum style “Clinometer” instrument on solid […]

Ships Binnacle

USN Binnacle Compass

$P.O.R - More Details

A US Navy ships Binnacle compass all decked out and on display […]

Ship's Gauge

Antique Engine Room Pressure Gauge 6″

$325 - More Details

A vintage 1890-1910 heavy brass engine room air pressure gauge with engraved […]

Ship's Gauge

Ship MV Kota Maru Engine Room Gauge

$125 - More Details

Salvaged from the Japanese cargo ship MV Kota Maru. Engine room equipment […]

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