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WWII Anchor Lantern

$275 - More Details

A WWII era anchor lantern made from steel and brass. It stands […]

Cowel Vent Table Lamp

$ - More Details

This table lamp creation consists a 6.5″ diameter Cowl Vent made by […]

Masthead Porch Lights

$525 each - More Details

A very handsome solid brass ships masthead light mounted on a beautifully […]

Anchor Table Lamp

$475 - More Details

A glorious unmarked english copper anchor lamp mounted on a slab of […]

DIve Helmet Table Lamp

$450 - More Details

We made a wonderful one of a kind table lamp out of […]

“Captain At The Helm” Table Lamp

$450 - More Details

A one of a kind nautical decor piece.  We converted this captain […]

Vintage Double Anchor Lamp

$ - More Details

Beautiful vintage solid brass anchor lamp that measures 14″ tall from the […]


Wharf Lamp

$450 - More Details

This Vintage Harbor-Side Wharf Lamp has been fully restored and electrified by […]

Giant Copper Buoy Lamp

$ - More Details

Standing at over 54 inches tall and around 26 inches in diameter, […]


USS BlackHawk Signal Spotlight

$1250 - More Details

A large US Navy ships signal spotlight salvaged from the USS Blackhawk […]

Ships Fire Nozzle Lamp

$325 - More Details

A large solid brass USN ships fire nozzle built into a one […]

Propeller Table Lamp

$325 each - More Details

A salvaged brass ship propeller mounted on solid oak creating a clever […]

Very Rare British “Seahorse” Bow Lantern

$ - More Details

This lamp was part of Trader Vic’s personal collection for a number […]


Titanic Movie Prop Cage Lamp

$575 - More Details

Back in 1997, we were fortunate enough to provide many hundreds of […]

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