Magnificent 1st Class Chandelier

$1,500.00 - More Details

This One-Of-A-Kind 1st Class Captain’s Chandelier is made of a solid wood […]

Massive Double Lens Masthead Lantern

$1850.00 - More Details

This Massive Double Fresnel Lens Masthead Lantern is made of both copper […]

3 Vintage PERKO Lanterns

$ - More Details

This set of 3 Vintage PERKO Marine Lanterns are comprised of a […]


Vintage USN Battleship Anchor Lantern

$750.00 - More Details

This solid Vintage Anchor Lantern is the Real Deal.  It was originally […]

VIKING Cargo Lantern

$325.00 - More Details

This Nice Vintage Brass Viking Marine Lantern has been restored and electrified. […]

Dual Tone Vintage Anchor Lantern

$ - More Details

This Dual Tone Vintage Anchor Lantern was originally used aboard a humungous […]


Early 1900’s Solid Brass Tri-Lens Lamp

$425.00 - More Details

This Solid Brass Tri-Color Marine Lantern was manufactured in the early 1900’s […]

Ship’s WW2 Anchor Lantern

$395.00 - More Details

This Ship’s Anchor Lantern comes unrestored with loads of character.  It is […]

Massive Vintage Perko Port & Starboard Lanterns

$2,500.00 - More Details

This pair of PERKO Port & Starboard lanterns were manufactured in the […]

Vintage Gimbaled “Seahorse” Cabin Lamp

$ - More Details

This Vintage Gimbaled “Seahorse” Cabin Lamp is made of brass, is mounted […]


1918 Bulpitt & Sons Passageway Marine Lamp

$ - More Details

This 1918 Bulpitt & Son’s Passageway Marine Lamp is made of brass […]


Cute Ceramic Light House Lamps, 3 Available, Different Colors

$ - More Details

We have three cute decorative ceramic light house lamps available for purchase, […]


Vintage Brass Kokosha Flame Proof Ceiling Light

$695.00 - More Details

This vintage brass flame proof ceiling light was manufactured by Kokosha, a […]

British Made Brass Anchor Lantern, Electrified

$ - More Details

This brass anchor lantern was manufactured by Davey & Co. once located […]


WWII USN Deck “Clearance” Light

$ - More Details

This WWII USN Deck Clearance light stands 37 inches tall and is […]


Ship’s Engine Room Cage Light

$450.00 - More Details

A heavy duty engine room lighting fixture recovered from a 1950’s cargo […]