Brass Cage Lamp

$165 Each - More Details

We carry a variety of authentic brass marine cage lamps in our […]

Vintage Yacht Spotlight

$ - More Details

This Vintage Bridge Spotlight was salvaged from a large yacht and restored […]


Port & Starboard Bookends

$ - More Details

This Pair of Authentic “Tung Woo” nautical Port & Starboard lanterns have […]


Port & Starboard Bow Light

$ - More Details

This Authentic Port & Starboard Bow Lantern is comprised of three different […]


Large Vintage Viking Passageway Marine Lamp

$475.00 Each - More Details

This Large Vintage Viking Passageway Marine Lamp is made of brass and […]

Port & Starboard Lanterns

$ - More Details

Every nautical collector and enthusiast needs a nice pair of Port & […]


Anchor Shackle Lamp

$275 - More Details

This stylish and innovative design was once again brought to life by […]

Steel WWII Masthead

$425 Each - More Details

This Authentic WWII Masthead Lantern was salvaged from a Liberty Ship and […]

Brass Cargo Light

$595 Each - More Details

This Stunning Cargo Lantern has been perfectly mounted on a custom built […]

Authentic Ship’s Helm Chandelier

$ - More Details

This Stunning 1st Class Chandelier is custom made from an Authentic Ship’s […]


Anchor Chain Lamp

$375 - More Details

Feast your eyes upon this one-of-a-kind Industrial Style lamp dreamt of and […]

Big “Not Under Command” Lamp

$525 - More Details

This Vintage Solid Brass “Not Under Command” Lantern was manufactured by the […]

Large Vintage Spotlight

$1850 - More Details

This Vintage Spotlight has been beautifully restored, and mounted on a slab […]

“Not Under Command” Lantern

$595 - More Details

This Hefty, Solid brass, Vintage NOT UNDER COMMAND Red Light Marine Lantern […]

Gorgeous Art Deco Chandelier

$4250 - More Details

This Stunning Vintage Art Deco Chandelier is Grandeur in its presence, while […]

Double Stack Masthead Lantern

$ - More Details

This nice, solid, double stacked marine Masthead Lantern is made of solid […]