W&P Gimbaled Yacht Lamp

$175 - More Details

A Weems and Plath solid brass gimbaled yacht lamp. This lamp is […]

English Made Anchor Lamp

$225 - More Details

A solid brass ships anchor light made in England. No other makers […]

Antique Perkins Lifeboat Lantern

$495 - More Details

A very unique brass lifeboat lantern made by Perkins Marine Lamp Corprn., […]

Solid Brass Typhoon Lantern

$395 - More Details

A heavy duty solid brass all weather ships lantern.  Burns oil and […]

P&A USA Gimbaled Oil Lamps

$650 pair only - More Details

Made by the Plume and Atwood manufacturing company which was in existence […]

Brass Gimbaled Oil Lantern

$265 - More Details

A classic ships gimbaled cabin oil lantern made of brass and mounted […]

Vintage Davey Cargo Lantern

$675 - More Details

This brass cargo lantern was manufactured by Davey & Co. once located […]

Oil Lanterns Made in England

$ - More Details

Made in England, this pair of solid brass gimbaled cabin lamps are […]


British Made Passageway Lantern

$495 - More Details

This is an Authentic Brass Passageway Lantern, manufactured by the historical “Davy […]

Vintage Gimbal Lantern

$265 - More Details

This Vintage Ship’s Lantern was made in the Gimbal Style in order […]

Steel Oil Lantern

$375 - More Details

This Galvanized Steel Nautical Oil Lantern is a fine example of the […]

Vintage Clipper Lantern

$525 - More Details

This Vintage Nautical Lantern was created to resemble a ship’s clipper lantern […]

Vintage Perkos

$750 - More Details

This nice set of Vintage Perko’s Port & Starboard lanterns have been […]

Glasgow Copper Masthead

$ - More Details

This salty beauty is a very rare, copper & brass Masthead Lantern […]


Red Lens Anchor Lantern

$ - More Details

This  Red Lens Anchor Lantern is made of galvanized steel, brass, and […]


Vintage Masthead

$ - More Details

This Salty Vintage Masthead Lantern is made of galvanized steel, brass, and […]