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Vintage Dietz Light House Post Lamp

$1,450.00 - More Details

This Vintage Brass Light House Post Lamp was manufactured by the Dietz […]

Nautical Masthead Lantern

$350 - More Details

Authentic Nautical Masthead Lantern is a real vintage collectible. Manufactured by Tung […]

Port & Starboard Lanterns solid brass

$ - More Details

A sturdy set of running lanterns converted from oil burning to U.S.A. […]


Mounted Anchor Lamp

$345 - More Details

This Awesome Heavy Duty Anchor Lamp is made of cast brass and […]

Vintage Engine Room Light

$295 - More Details

This Authentic Vintage Engine Room Lamp has been fully restored and mounted […]

Japanese Marine Lamp

$575 - More Details

This Authentic Marine Lamp hales straight from the Lamp Locker of a […]

Authentic Ships Brass Anchor Lantern

$450 - More Details

This solid Brass Anchor Lantern was recovered in Singapore with a load of […]

Boss Illuminator

$375 - More Details

This exceptional piece of artwork was designed and brought to life by […]

Brass Cage Lamp

$165 Each - More Details

We carry a variety of authentic brass marine cage lamps in our […]

Vintage Yacht Spotlight

$ - More Details

This Vintage Bridge Spotlight was salvaged from a large yacht and restored […]


Port & Starboard Bookends

$ - More Details

This Pair of Authentic “Tung Woo” nautical Port & Starboard lanterns have […]


Steel Oil Lantern

$375 - More Details

This Galvanized Steel Nautical Oil Lantern is a fine example of the […]

Port & Starboard Bow Light

$ - More Details

This Authentic Port & Starboard Bow Lantern is comprised of three different […]


Vintage Clipper Lantern

$525 - More Details

This Vintage Nautical Lantern was created to resemble a ship’s clipper lantern […]

Large Vintage Viking Passageway Marine Lamp

$475.00 Each - More Details

This Large Vintage Viking Passageway Marine Lamp is made of brass and […]

Vintage Perkos

$750 - More Details

This nice set of Vintage Perko’s Port & Starboard lanterns have been […]

Cargo List > Lamps & Lanterns