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Steel Trawler Lantern

$375 - More Details

This Vintage Steel Marine Trawler Lantern is in excellent seafaring condition and […]

“Not Under Command” Lantern

$595 - More Details

This Hefty, Solid brass, Vintage NOT UNDER COMMAND Red Light Marine Lantern […]

Gorgeous Art Deco Chandelier

$4250 - More Details

This Stunning Vintage Art Deco Chandelier is Grandeur in its presence, while […]

Port & Starboard Ships Lamps….Giant Sized

$2500 - More Details

A giant sized set of vintage Port & Starboard Running Lights made […]

Copper Cabin Lanterns

$295 Pair - More Details

Wired to be hung up as swag lamps, these copper and brass […]

Solid Brass Cage Lantern

$325 - More Details

This Vintage Solid Brass Cage Lantern has been uniquely mounted on a […]

Vintage Mounted PERKO

$475 - More Details

This Seaworthy Vintage PERKO Masthead Lantern has been mounted on a mahogany […]

Steel Anchor Lantern

$165 - More Details

This Nice Vintage Anchor Lantern is made of galvanized steel with a […]

Brass Shipboard Cage Lantern

$225 - More Details

Our experienced crew has painstakingly restored this heavy brass cage lamp to […]

Cold War Era East German Bow Light

$575 - More Details

Batten down the hatches Matey! And feast your eyes upon this Authentic […]

Vintage Salty Masthead Lantern

$350 - More Details

This Vintage Masthead Lantern has earned its saltiness from years of weathering […]

Large Bow Lantern

$2,500 - More Details

This Massive Vintage Bow Oil Lantern is made of brass, galvanized steel, […]

Brass Post Lantern

$450 - More Details

This Vintage Brass Post Oil Lantern is in original salvaged condition, giving […]


$550 - More Details

This Vintage NOT UNDER COMMAND Lantern was manufactured by the Best & […]

Rare Vintage British Masthead Lantern

$950.00 - More Details

This is a very rare vintage British Masthead Lantern manufactured by SEACONE […]

Magnificent 1st Class Chandelier

$1,500.00 - More Details

This One-Of-A-Kind 1st Class Captain’s Chandelier is made of a solid wood […]

Cargo List > Lamps & Lanterns