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Vintage Brass Kokosha Flame Proof Ceiling Light

$695.00 - More Details

This vintage brass flame proof ceiling light was manufactured by Kokosha, a […]

British Made Brass Anchor Lantern, Electrified

$ - More Details

This brass anchor lantern was manufactured by Davey & Co. once located […]


Bulkhead Mounted Gimbal Kerosene Ship’s Lantern

$350.00 - More Details

This bulkhead mounted gimbal kerosene ship’s lantern measures 2 ft. x 6 […]

WWII USN Deck “Clearance” Light

$ - More Details

This WWII USN Deck Clearance light stands 37 inches tall and is […]


Ship’s Engine Room Cage Light

$450.00 - More Details

A heavy duty engine room lighting fixture recovered from a 1950’s cargo […]

Vintage WWII Francis Searchlight LTD. Spotlight

$ - More Details

This vintage WWII spotlight model type M 17 was manufactured by the […]


Antique Marine / Railway Lantern

$1295 - More Details

This restored beauty was manufactured by ship lamp maker Bulpitt & Sons […]

Vintage Navigation Lantern

$375 - More Details

Solid brass bow lantern with original glass lenses intact made by E.J […]

British Cargo Lantern

$675 - More Details

An authentic hand made investment quality Davy & Co. cargo lantern. This […]

Nautical Lantern

Davey & Co. Brass Bow Lantern

$ - More Details

An authentic British made brass ship’s bow lantern.  Built by world renowned […]


Vintage Cold War Era East German Ship’s Masthead Lantern

$450 - More Details

This is a Cold War era East German made Masthead Lantern in […]

Brass Passageway Lamp

First Class Passageway Lamp

$325 - More Details

A solid brass first class passageway lantern with large reflector mirror.  Opens […]

Ship's Wall lamp

Vintage Cast Brass Anchor Lamp

$475 - More Details

A large, heavy,  solid brass, mast mounted anchor lamp,  on a slab […]

Port & Starboard Lanterns

Vintage Port & Starboard Lamps 18″

$850 for the pair - More Details

A good sized pair of American mfg port and starboard ships running […]

Navy Spotlight

Authentic USN Battleship Signal Lamp

$1,850 each - More Details

Authentic WWII era Ship’s Signal spotlight from a navy battleship. Solid brass […]

Ship’s Caged Bulkhead Lamp

$325 - More Details

A beautifully mounted solid bronze ship’s passageway cage lamp with a solid […]

Cargo List > Lamps & Lanterns
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