“On The Delta” By Richard DeRosset

$1250 - More Details

This heart stopping oil on board painting of the Battle on the Mekong […]

“Beach The Ship” by Richard DeRosset

$1650 - More Details

This haunting oil-on-board painting by Richard DeRosset, “Beach The Ship” depicts the […]

Funky Drift Wood Art Piece

$575.00 - More Details

This One-Of-A-Kind piece of art was created by local Southern California artist […]

Ship’s Figurehead framed color print.

$75.00 - More Details

A colorful decorative print titled  ” The Full Rigged Iron Ship”. This […]

Painting of the steamship SS Astraea, C.1899

$850.00 - More Details

This Original oil on canvas painting of the passenger-cargo ship SS Astraea […]

Drift Wood Decor Art Collectable, Bob Flack

$225.00 - More Details

This unusual piece of art was hand carved by local San Diego […]

Unusual Hand Carved Marine Art, Bob Flack

$175.00 - More Details

This Vintage Oar has been hand carved and painted, transforming into a […]

Trout Carving By William Reel

$ - More Details

This Trout Duo Wood Carving was created by William A.K.A. Bill Reel, […]


Captain Quint Devoured by Jaws by M.Turso

$ - More Details

This Oil On Canvas Painting by artist Mike TURSO depicts one of […]


The John Brown Liberty Ship By Bob Browne

$ - More Details

This is a stunning oil on board painting of the John Brown […]


Authentic 18th Century Flower Trade Beads

$ - More Details

This strand of authentic 18th Century  flower trade beads measures about 29″ […]


Hand Carved Husky River Trout Lure By John Somics

$1,350.00 - More Details

This is a one-of-a-kind hand carved lure sculpture by the renowned artist […]

Hand Blown Glass Center Piece Vase

$695.00 - More Details

This brilliant, hand blown glass vase stands 20 inches tall, with a […]

Steve Tracy 1st Edition Giclee sailing art

$1295.00 - More Details

Steve Tracy is a contemporary American artist who’s work is shown internationally […]


$ - More Details

Christopher Bell is a well respected and distinguished sculptor known for his […]


U.S.S. Flasher Painting

$1500....throw us an offer...were always listening - More Details

Vintage naval oil painting of the WWII USN Submarine USS Flasher SS-249. […]