Authentic WWII Lifeboat Rudder

$ - More Details

This Authentic WWII Lifeboat Udder is made of solid heavy wood, which […]


Various Vintage Steam Ship Line Cups & Saucers

$35.00-45.00 - More Details

We have several Vintage Cups & Saucers from various steam ship lines […]

The John Brown Liberty Ship By Bob Browne

$1,250.00 - More Details

This is a stunning oil on board painting of the John Brown […]

Various Brass Nautical Decor Bells

$65.00-125.00 - More Details

We have a variety of  stylish brass ship decor bells, ranging in […]

Authentic 18th Century Flower Trade Beads

$ - More Details

This strand of authentic 18th Century  flower trade beads measures about 29″ […]


Authentic 18th Century Dutch Trading beads

$295.00 - More Details

This is a 28″ strand of authentic Dutch trading beads from the […]

3 Large Vintage Fishing Racks

$650.00 Each - More Details

We have 3 vintage tuna racks salvaged from the San Diego fishing […]

Authentic Boom Salvaged from The ST.Rita

$950.00 - More Details

This is authentic vintage Boom was salvaged from the San Diego tuna […]

17 FT. Aluminum Canoe

$550.00 - More Details

This 17 Ft. aluminum canoe was manufactured by The Osagian Canoe Company […]

Boats & Harbor Sounds

$14.95 - More Details

Harbor, ship, and ocean sounds with seagulls calling and the creaking wood […]

US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet Face Plate

$500.00 - More Details

Vintage Mark V diving helmet hinged porthole faceplate in good condition. Glass […]

Hand Carved Husky River Trout Lure By John Somics

$1,350.00 - More Details

This is a one-of-a-kind hand carved lure sculpture by the renowned artist […]

Jenny Lind Figurehead

$295.00 - More Details

This Jenny Lind figurehead measures 32″ long, 17 ” wide, and 12.5″ […]

Restored Vintage Caille Liberty Twin Motor

$ - More Details

This restored Caille Liberty Twin Motor is a real treasure.  It’s very […]


1940’s Caille “Special Twin” 5 Speed Boat Motor

$2,450.00 - More Details

This rare vintage Caille 5 speed rowboat motor was unique during it’s […]

DESCO WWII U.S. Navy Diver’s Canvas Boots

$ - More Details

This pair of authentic DESCO WWII U.S. Navy diver’s boots weigh approximately […]