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1940’s Caille “Special Twin” 5 Speed Boat Motor

$2,450.00 - More Details

This rare vintage Caille 5 speed rowboat motor was unique during it’s […]

DESCO WWII U.S. Navy Diver’s Canvas Boots

$ - More Details

This pair of authentic DESCO WWII U.S. Navy diver’s boots weigh approximately […]


Tuna Boat Model in Mahogany Case

$6900.00 - More Details

The San Carlos was originally based in Monterey, California, in the 1940’s […]

U.S. Percussion Target Pistols, PAIR

$ - More Details

A truly rare pair of  U.S. percussion target pistols that measure about […]


Hand Blown Glass Center Piece Vase

$695.00 - More Details

This brilliant, hand blown glass vase stands 20 inches tall, with a […]

U.S.S. Enterprise Model in Mahogany Case

$1550.00 - More Details

This highly detailed model of the U.S.S. Enterprise comes in a beautiful […]

Museum Quality Tugboat Model In Case

$4000.00 - More Details

This is an extremely detailed tugboat model which depicts a WWII era […]

S.S. Imperator Hamburg American Line Original Ad

$3,500.00 - More Details

This original S.S. Imperator Hamburg American Line advertisement wall hanging measures 46 […]

Rare Antique English Saluting Cannon

$P.O.R - More Details

This is a very rare antique English saluting cannon designed for the […]

Steve Tracy 1st Edition Giclee sailing art

$1295.00 - More Details

Steve Tracy is a contemporary American artist who’s work is shown internationally […]


$ - More Details

Christopher Bell is a well respected and distinguished sculptor known for his […]


Authentic Antique Bronze Signal Cannon

$ - More Details

Vintage bronze celebration signal cannon. Impress your neighbors and friends with this […]


Vintage “Ironsides” Bookends

$ - More Details

This charming pair of vintage brass or bronze bookends weigh 2Ibs, 4oz […]


U.S.S. Flasher Painting

$1500....throw us an offer...were always listening - More Details

Vintage naval oil painting of the WWII USN Submarine USS Flasher SS-249. […]


Marine Salvage

$Prices vary - More Details

Maidhof Bros. is always buying and salvaging loads of marine and nautical […]

ship's oil painting

Original Marine Oil Painting

$350 - More Details

An original oil painting of a sailing ship at sea by artist […]

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