The John Brown Liberty Ship By Bob Browne

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This is a stunning oil on board painting of the John Brown Liberty Ship by the famed artist Bob Browne. Bob Browne was born in Norfolk, VA in 1926, and after serving in the army during WWII, he went on to graduate from the prestigious Maryland Institute of art in 1952. He currently works out of a hundred year old farmhouse in Maryland where he grinds his powdered pigment in black oil, then mixes it with Flemish medium, both of which he has prepared himself. Though time consuming, he feels that it is well worth the effort because of the resulting richness and luminosity it gives its colors. He also prepares his own canvasses and panels.  This is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, perfect for the nautical collector or art enthusiast. Measures 25″ x 29″ and is sold in frame…Click photos below for better viewing…

click the photos below for better viewing!

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