Pre WWII SNEAD Diving Helmet

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This is an Authentic Shallow Water Diving Helmet manufactured by the well known SNEAD CO. before WWII. This was the third style that Snead produced which has a smaller faceplate than the first two styles. The air intake is on the top, rear. It weighs 62 pounds and was cast in one piece.

Unlike the first two models, this one has the abbreviation PAT after it’s name. This one reads:

A vintage catalog advertising this style of Snead helmet read:

“At the suggestion of Dr. William Beebe, the well known deep sea explorer, we have made the following improvements to our well known diving helmet:

air intake placed in back of top to prevent annoynce of direct draft of air on face which causes sneezing

a baffle plate cast in top to deflect air stream in such a manner as to prevent fog forming on window

shoulder support widened so as to be more comfortable

center of gravity lowered so as to rest more securely

lower portion widened and deepened so as to be more comfortable

vision plate has been raised so as to give larger field of vision

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