Rare WWII Steam Engine Revolutions Gauge


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This vintage revolutions per minute gauge was salvaged many years ago from a WW2  Victory Ship’s Triple Expansion Steam Engine Room . It was manufactured by the McNab Inc. of Bridgeport Conn, which has been the longest uninterrupted supplier of certain key military and commercial instrumentation in the United States than any other company. Triple expansion engines were more fuel efficient than earlier simple expansion or compound expansion engines, thus it cost less to transport a set amount of cargo, making this a key instrument during the War.  Revolution counters were used to determine the speed of the ship as indicated by revolutions per minute of the propellor shaft. It also kept track of how many revolutions the prop shaft had turned over time. Every several thousand revolutions the babit prop shaft bearings needed replacement and or grease. Marine collectable measures about 11″ in diameter, 6″ deep, and the mahogany mount measures 19″ x 14″…It is also very heavy in weight….We pack and ship worldwide…Click photos below for better viewing…

click the photos below for better viewing!

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