Steel USN Bell


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A classic looking ships bell made of cast steel and embossed with USN.  The Maidhof crew salvaged this bell among other pieces in a glorious load of other treasures.  I have no clue where this type of a bell originated as it is the only one like it we have ever had..  It could be a pattern of some kind, it could be a replica/repro, or it could be and actual bell ordered by the Navy during war time to save on brass.  It is shaped the same as an authentic USN ships bell but it is steel…  It is very heavy and has a very decent sounding ring to it as you can hear recorded below.  The diameter of the bell is 7 inches and it stands about 10 inches tall.  Mounted on a solid slab of mahogany with a brass bracket.  A sharp looking piece painted navy haze gray.  Click below to hear it ring…


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