Brass Cargo Light

$595 Each - More Details

This Stunning Cargo Lantern has been perfectly mounted on a custom built […]

USS Haleakala

$125 - More Details

The USS Haleakala (AE-25) was a Nitro-class ammunition ship of the United […]

Large Vintage Spotlight

$1250 - More Details

This Vintage Spotlight has been beautifully restored, and mounted on a slab […]


Vintage Ship’s Steering Station

$ - More Details

This Authentic Vintage Ship’s Steering Station was manufactured by Lidgerwood MFG Co […]


Ship’s Caged Bulkhead Lamp

$ - More Details

This Solid Bronze Ship’s Bulkhead Cage Lamp has been equipped with emergency […]


Solid Brass Cage Lantern

$325 - More Details

This Vintage Solid Brass Cage Lantern has been uniquely mounted on a […]

Vintage Mounted PERKO

$475 - More Details

This Seaworthy Vintage PERKO Masthead Lantern has been mounted on a mahogany […]

Nice Captain’s Ditty Rack

$250 - More Details

This Mahogany Captain’s Ditty Rack would make a great addition to your […]

Ship’s Cabin Fold-Up Ditty table/bench

$325.00 - More Details

This authentic ships ditty table is made of solid mahogany and its […]

Vintage USN Battleship Anchor Lantern

$750.00 - More Details

This solid Vintage Anchor Lantern is the Real Deal.  It was originally […]

Solid Bronze USS Samuel Gompers Plaque

$ - More Details

This Nice Solid Bronze USS Samuel Gompers Service Supreme Plaque has been […]


WWII Flagship Rocky Mount Nostalgia

$295.00 - More Details

These are the original brass plaques that were once mounted aboard the […]

Beautiful Authentic Porthole End Table

$ - More Details

This Authentic Ship’s Porthole End Table was restored and brought back to […]


Gentlemen’s 1st Class Drinking Saloon

$175.00 - More Details

This “Gentlemen’s 1st Class Drinking Saloon” plaque is made of solid brass […]

Tuna Boat Model in Mahogany Case

$6900.00 - More Details

The San Carlos was originally based in Monterey, California, in the 1940’s […]

ship's inclinometer

Ship’s Cargo Inclinometer

$ - More Details

A good sized cast brass ships pendulum style “Clinometer” instrument on solid […]