WWII Sound Powered Telephone

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This is a pair of working Authentic USN  WWII Sound Powered Telephones, manufactured by the Hose-McCann Telephone Co. for Naval use. Phones operate without the use of electricity, and is powered by the sound of your voice. Founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1923 by partners, Charles G. Hose and Thomas J. McCann, Hose-McCann innovated and developed the first safe, reliable and rugged sound powered communication system for marine use, for which they successfully received a patent. The system was adopted by the US Military and proved to be virtually indestructible. This noteworthy collectible has weathered many storms, and has been beautifully restored to sea-faring condition by the Maidhof crew. It has been mounted on a slab of mahogany which measures 18″ x 14″ not including the brass mounts and is and is about 5-6″ deep…35 feet of speaker wire between phones which can be shortened or lengthened to your specs. We pack and ship worldwide…

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