Avast Ye Landlubbers and Bluewater Sailors....These maritime blueprints are not the originals but made from original blueprint drawings. They are produced on standard type blueprint paper and blueprint paper is not thick and fancy...but it frames up nicely. Be noticed that these important looking creations are not only scarce but are fit to be displayed on any bulkhead, be aboard a 1st class bluewater vessel or on the wall of your home. Keep your salt eye on this locker as it is a fresh edition to our website and we will keep adding interesting drawings to it right along...We ship Priority USA Mail...blueprint is rolled and packed inside a heavy duty shipping tube...Postage in USA $ 7.00 for first single page blueprint and $ 1.00 per single page blueprint thereafter.... If you're overseas throw me an email for a postage quote....NOTE: When ordering these ship plans or blueprints please provide the item number listed at the end of the description.... ....Click on photos for better visibility and carousel affect.

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Sailing Sloop Plans

Sailing Sloop 21 ft. Milton Boat Yard 1936

$35 - More Details

A detailed blueprint created in the old style depicting a 1936 sailing […]


Sailboat 1905

$35 - More Details

Portuguese style fishing boat/yacht built in 1905 in San Francisco, CA. The […]

Nautical Blueprint

Mast Rigging Plan

$35 - More Details

Rigging Plan, Fore Top and Fore Yard, aboard the British Ship of […]


RMS Lusitania 1911

$35 - More Details

The famous Transatlantic Liner that was torpedoed and sunk by the Germans […]

RMS Aquitania

$35 - More Details

The famous Transatlantic Liner RMS Aquitania. She was one of the most […]

Ferry Boat Blueprint

Canadian Pacific Railway Ferryship 1923

$35 - More Details

A detailed blueprint created in the old style, outlining a 165 ft […]

1920 Harbor Tugboat

Harbor Tug Boat 1920 73 footer

$35 - More Details

73 foot long diesel tug built in 1920 at Bristol England…plan measures […]

M.V. Nellie

Classic 51 ft Motor Cruiser 1911

$35 - More Details

A beautiful 51 ft. vintage cruiser named Nellie and built in the […]

Lighthouse Services

U.S. Lighthouse Service Boat 1915

$35 - More Details

A detailed blueprint plan created in the old blue style depicting a […]

Sailboat Blueprint

Vintage Sailboat 37′ Yawl 1917

$35 - More Details

A handsome and detailed blueprint that will look great on your office […]

Boat Blueprint

68 Foot Revenue Cutter 1917

$35 - More Details

An interesting blueprint of a Great Lakes Revenue Cutter designed by the […]

Cargo Boat Blueprint

New York Harbor Cargo Boat 1912

$35 - More Details

A detailed boat builders plan depicting a 37 foot New York Harbor […]

Catalina Island California Express Ferry 1914

$35 - More Details

1914 seagoing express ferry. This speedy ferry was owned and operated by […]

Menhaden Fisherman

Menhaden Fishing Boat East Coast 1914

$35 - More Details

1914 Portsmouth Menhaden Seiner. The Menhaden Fishery was a very important industry […]

Fishing Hunting Boat

Garvey Hunting Fishing Skiff 1946

$35 - More Details

A builders blueprint of a very unique fishing and hunting boat called […]

Puget Sound Eagle Harbor Cargo Boat 1913

$35 - More Details

1913 Cargo Boat built at Eagle Harbor Washington by Hall Bros. Shipyard….plan […]

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