USS Olympia old Battle Cruiser C-6 circa 1895



Another awesome naval blueprint showing the general arrangement of the famed Battle Cruiser USS Olympia. The USS Olympia departed Mare Island (San Francisco) 25 August 1895 to join the Asiatic Fleet as flagship. She served in the Spanish-American War in the Philipines where she was paramount in destroying the Spanish Asian Fleet.  The Olympia patrolled the North Atlantic during WW1. On October 3, 1921, Olympia departed Philadelphia for LaHavre to bring the remains of the Unknown Soldier home for interment in Arlington National Cemetery.  After training midshipmen in the summer of 1922, Olympia descommissioned at Philadelphia December 9, 1922. She was reclassified IX-40 on June 30, 1931. The Navy’s oldest steel ship still afloat is preserved as a shrine at Philadelphia by the Cruiser OLYMPIA Association, to which title was transferred in 1957….Produced on standard type blueprint paper it measures 22” x  32”…Click on a photo…  I.D. # 52

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