WW2 Cargo Ship Vessel Sunk by German U-Boat



A detailed blueprint of the cargo ship SS Sylvester. On 6 February 1945 , U-862 made its third attack in Australian waters at 1540 GCT in the Indian Ocean (34 deg 19 min South / 99 deg 37 min East). The “SS Peter Sylvester” was en route alone from Melbourne, Australia to Colombo, Ceylon with a cargo of US. Army supplies and 137 US Army mules. U-862 fired 6 torpedoes into the motor vessel “Peter Sylvester” about 820 miles south west of Fremantle, off the Western Australian coast. The ship was ordered abandoned at 1620 GCT (4:20pm). Fifteen survivors were picked up on 9 February 1945. 25 Squadron RAAF Liberators helped to search for more survivors. They located about fifty survivors on 12th and 13th February 1945 on some rafts and in a lifeboat. They dropped rations to these survivors who had by then been drifting at sea for a week. Cyril Conway was one of the 26 Armed guards on the “ss Peter Sylvester”. Cyril and fourteen others had been on a raft for 38 days, 6hrs and 10 mins before they were found. He was in one of the last group of survivors to be found. At one stage a school of dolphins had chased off a school of circling sharks. American Submarine USS Rock (SS-274) found the Cyril’s raft at 2235 (10:35pm) on 9 March 1945. The 15 survivors were landed at Exmouth Gulf….Plan measures 24” x 30” and is produced on standard type blueprint paper…Click on photos….I.D. # 56

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