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HMS Black Prince Model

$4250 - More Details

A museum quality,  hand crafted wooden model of a British  three masted […]

Vintage Nautical Photograph Coasters

$18.00 - More Details

Amazing set of authentic vintage nautical photographs turned into coffee table coasters…A […]

WWII 10-Power Deck Officer’s Scope

$ - More Details

This 1942, WWII 10-Power “Officer-of-the Deck” SPYGLASS has been marked with the serial […]


Sailboat Half Hull

$175 - More Details

Ahoy,  here we have a handsome looking half hull mounted on solid […]



$75 - More Details

Back in its day this sign meant business but won’t work anymore […]


$75 - More Details

Ships armory sign measures 9 3/4″ x 4 3/4″.  It is constructed […]

Salty Dog Brass Ship’s Plaque’s

$25 - More Details

These creative and traditional solid brass ship’s plaques measure 1 1/4 inch […]

Captain’s Hat Rack

$ - More Details

The Perfect Rack to hang up your Captain’s Hat at the end […]


Solid Brass Captain’s Fireplace Essentials

$265 - More Details

This remarkable 4 piece fireplace set is made of solid brass and […]

Authentic Porthole Mirror

$1500 - More Details

Glorious Authentic Brass Porthole has been fully restored, polished to shine, and […]

Vintage Teak Hatch Bulkhead Cabinet

$ - More Details

Feast your sea fairing eyes on this one of a kind treasure […]


Vintage Grace Line Docking Telegraph

$ - More Details

A vintage 1936 Docking telegraph recovered from the S.S Santa Rosa in […]


Handmade Pirate Chest

$1200 - More Details

Master woodworking, design and welding is what it took to bring this […]

Teak Deck Railing Coat Rack

$345 - More Details

This brilliant coat rack is comprised of a slab of solid teak […]

Glorious Ditty

$895 - More Details

Thanks to innovation and brilliant creativity, this particular ditty rack has been […]

Patriotic Brass Eagle

$475 - More Details

This Beautiful Solid Brass Eagle is just what your home office needs […]

Cargo List > Decor
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