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1940’s Caille “Special Twin” 5 Speed Boat Motor

$2,450 - More Details

This rare vintage Caille 5 speed rowboat motor was unique during it’s […]

Kelvin & Hughes Sailing Binnacle

$5500 - More Details

Behold, the finest hunks of antique marine navigational equipment of days past… […]

Turn of the Century Schooner Stove

$1200 - More Details

This amazing nautical antique is a true treasure. It is an authentic […]

Vintage Teak Hatch Bulkhead Cabinet

$ - More Details

Feast your sea fairing eyes on this one of a kind treasure […]


WWII USN Submarine Depth Gauge

$ - More Details

This is your chance to own an Authentic WWII US Navy Submarine […]


Brass and Aluminum Portholes

$175-375.00 - More Details

We have several authentic portholes available in both brass and aluminum which […]

WWII Flagship Rocky Mount Nostalgia

$295.00 - More Details

These are the original brass plaques that were once mounted aboard the […]

Cargo List > MISC. > Nautical Antiques