Ships NVM Anchor Lantern

$575 each - More Details

Ahoy, here we have a two ships Non Manoeuvrable Lights, or NUC […]

Large Copper Ships Spotlight

$3250 - More Details

A large solid copper ships spotlight made by General Electric Model 291 […]

USS BlackHawk Signal Spotlight

$1500 - More Details

A large US Navy ships signal spotlight salvaged from the USS Blackhawk […]

Gorgeous Art Deco Chandelier

$4250 - More Details

This Stunning Vintage Art Deco Chandelier is Grandeur in its presence, while […]

Red Masthead Porchlight

$650 - More Details

Ships Ahoy!! A very large ships masthead light mounted on a solid […]

DIve Helmet Table Lamp

$295 - More Details

We made a wonderful one of a kind table lamp out of […]

Giant Copper Buoy Lamp

$ - More Details

Standing at over 54 inches tall and around 26 inches in diameter, […]


Massive Double Lens Masthead Lantern

$ - More Details

This Massive Double Fresnel Lens Masthead Lantern is made of both copper […]


British Made Brass Anchor Lantern, Electrified

$ - More Details

This brass anchor lantern was manufactured by Davey & Co. once located […]