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Port And Starboard Berthside Stands

$ - More Details

A UNIQUE set of stateroom berthside stands, custom made by the crew […]


Solid Teak Ships Door Table

$2995 - More Details

Solid and I mean solid mateys..  A solid 2 inches thick of […]

Captains Cabin Mirror

$375 each - More Details

Behold a glorious Captains cabin ditty rack with mirror. Maidhof Bros salvaged […]

Teak Fighting Chair

$ - More Details

A regal looking big game sport fishing deck mounted fighting chair.  No […]


Vintage Luxury Yacht Steering Station Bar

$4500 - More Details

A unique and authentic steering station “bar” salvaged from a vintage Mathews […]

Solid Oak Barrel Top Captains Desk

$2750 - More Details

Behold a true barrel top Captains Desk salvaged from a US Navy […]

Captains Cabin Table Desk

$1,750 - More Details

Behold Mateys, a beautiful turn of the century white oak Captains Cabin […]

White Oak Captains Chair

$450 - More Details

This oak desk chair is a very comfortable rolling chair.. We came […]

South Sea Tiki Sea Chest

$ - More Details

A solid oak sea chest with solid bronze tiki straps salvaged from […]


Captains Oak Chest Of Drawers

$ - More Details

A sturdy solid oak chest of drawers laced with brass and locking […]


Berthside Stands

$2250 pair only - More Details

A beautiful set of stateroom berthside stands handcrafted by the Maidhof Bros. […]


$1200 each - More Details

Salvaged from the USS BLACKHAWK, a mine hunting vessel sent to the […]

Remarkable 1st Class Vanity

$1650 - More Details

Even the saltiest of Sea-Dogs need to look themselves over once in […]

Captains Shaving Mirror

$450 - More Details

This Mahogany Captains Shaving Mirror measures 18 3/4″ wide x 19 3/4″ […]

Porthole End Tables

$2250 - More Details

Glorious solid brass ships porthole end tables.  Hand crafted by the Maidhof […]

US Navy Captain’s Chair

$2750 - More Details

This Authentic US Navy’s Captain’s Chair is the real deal. Plucked right […]

Cargo List > Furniture
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