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Treasure Chest

$850 - More Details

A solid hardwood treasure chest with drawers.  Used by  Captain Vic for […]

Steel lockbox / “Pirate’s BOOTY chest”

$ - More Details

Fabricated from steel and teak by Dean Maidhof.  Measures 14″ deep X […]


Handmade Pirate Chest

$ - More Details

Master woodworking, design and welding is what it took to bring this […]


1700’s Pirate Chest

$3500 - More Details

This Truly Remarkable Antique Pirate Chest is believed to have hailed from […]

Antique Sea Chest

$1650 - More Details

This glorious sea-faring chest lived most of its life aboard the S.S. […]

Cargo List > Furniture > Chests