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Solid Teak Ships Door Table

$2995 - More Details

Solid and I mean solid mateys..  A solid 2 inches thick of […]


Grate Coffe Table

$1500 - More Details

Behold a new creation built by Dean Maidhof himself.  A solid mahogany […]


Custom Designed Ship’s Door & Anchor Table

$2750 - More Details

This Masterpiece was designed and brought to life by Crew Member Dean […]


Ships Grate Coffee Table

$2750 - More Details

Beautiful Coffee Table made of authentic ship’s grate.  This glorious table is […]

Salvaged Rudder Coffee Table

$2850 - More Details

A glorious slab of century old white oak salvaged from the keel […]

Anchor Cocktail Table

$1500 - More Details

A very unique, One-of-a-Kind Authentic Anchor  cocktail end table, the perfect addition […]

Anchor Chain Hatch Table

$2250 - More Details

This Brilliant Masterpiece was designed and created by Maidhof Brother and Master […]

Unique Dolphin Coffee Table

$750 - More Details

Transform your living room or sitting area with this amazing conversation piece. […]

Authentic Vintage Ship’s Helm Coffee Table

$2250.00 - More Details

This authentic vintage ship’s helm coffee table is made of solid mahogany, […]

Beautiful Authentic Porthole End Table

$ - More Details

This Authentic Ship’s Porthole End Table was restored and brought back to […]


B-52 Bomber Engine Nose Cone Cocktail Table

$1650 - More Details

This AUTHENTIC B-52 bomber engine nose cone cocktail table has a 3 […]

Cargo List > Furniture > Coffee Tables