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Mahogany Desk/Entryway Table

$ - More Details

An adorable, small, solid Mahogany desk. Outfitted with a Maidhof Brothers style […]


Solid Oak Barrel Top Captains Desk

$2750 - More Details

Behold a true barrel top Captains Desk salvaged from a US Navy […]


Captains Cabin Table Desk

$1,750 - More Details

Behold Mateys, a beautiful turn of the century white oak Captains Cabin […]

Large Captains Desk

$ - More Details

A very large Captains Desk indeed. Measuring 67″ long x 43″ deep […]


WWII “Ready Room” British Navy Desk

$675 - More Details

This WWII “Ready Room” British Navy desk is made of teak wood […]

Ship Captain’s Desk

$3450 - More Details

A large sized Ship Captain’s desk constructed of solid mahogany wood spar […]

Cargo List > Furniture > Desks