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Bendix Engine Order Telegraph

$P.O.R - More Details

An authentic ships single engine E.O.T.  or Engine Order Telegraph made by […]

USS Constellation Phone

$1250.00 - More Details

Behold an authentic US Navy shipboard telephone.  Fully restored and in ship […]

U.S.N. Bitch Box Telephone

$695 - More Details

This Vintage USN Ship’s telephone was known as the “Bitch Box”. It […]

U.S.N Loud Speaker

$275 - More Details

U.S.N. Bureau Of Ships, Type CUL-49546,  loud speaker, pre-1955 vintage.  Mahogany mounting […]

WWII Sound Powered Telephone

$ - More Details

This is a pair of working Authentic USN  WWII Sound Powered Telephones, […]


Pair of 1950’s Bootcamp Phones

$950 - More Details

This amazing pair pair of telephones were removed from the Marine Corps […]

American President Lines Copper Telephone

$ - More Details

This Vintage APL 1950’s era rotary telephone has been fully restored to […]


Vintage Ship’s Signal Horn

$2250 - More Details

An authentic Ship’s Signal Horn comprised of solid brass fittings and aluminum fittings. […]

Solid Brass Perko Bell GIANT SIZED

$1250 - More Details

This Authentic PERKO Marine Bell has been lightly engraved with it’s ship’s […]

Authentic Ship’s Alarm Bell

$295.00 - More Details

This Authentic Vintage Ship’s Engine Room Alarm Bell was manufactured by SINCRON […]

Antique Ship’s Fire Alarm Bell

$ - More Details

This Antique Ship’s Fire Alarm Bell was manufactured by the Horni-Signal M.F.G. […]


Small Kinsley Brass Steam Whistle

$295.00 - More Details

This small brass steam whistle made by Kinsley of Bridgeport, CN, measures […]

WWII USN Deck “Clearance” Light

$750 - More Details

This WWII USN Deck Clearance light stands 37 inches tall and is […]

Antique Klaxon Horn

$ - More Details

A very old manually operated Klaxon signal horn that works like a […]

Cargo List > Instruments > Communication