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Ships Brass Inclinometer

$345 - More Details

An authentic hunk of maritime salvage brought back to life by the […]

Clock & Barometer

$ - More Details

This clock and barometer set is a real beaut, brass polished to […]


WWII Submarine Depth Gauge

$1850 - More Details

This amazing treasure is an Authentic WWII Submarine Depth Gauge, salvaged and […]

Rare WWII Steam Engine Revolutions Gauge

$1,850.00 - More Details

This vintage revolutions per minute gauge was salvaged many years ago from a WW2  Victory Ship’s Triple […]

WWII Submarine Depth Gauge

$P.O.R. - More Details

This is an authentic WWII diesel submarine depth gauge.  This was a […]

Ship's Gauge

Antique Engine Room Pressure Gauge 6″

$325 - More Details

A vintage 1890-1910 heavy brass engine room air pressure gauge with engraved […]

Ship's Gauge

Ship MV Kota Maru Engine Room Gauge

$125 - More Details

Salvaged from the Japanese cargo ship MV Kota Maru. Engine room equipment […]

Cargo List > Instruments > Gauges