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Authentic Miller-Dunn “Divinhood”

$5500 - More Details

This is an Authentic Navy-Standard Divinhood by Miller-Dunn of Miami, Florida, style […]

Vintage Heavy Diving Belt

$1250 - More Details

Once worn by brave deep sea divers during WWII, this Authentic Vintage […]

US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet Face Plate

$500.00 - More Details

Vintage Mark V diving helmet hinged porthole faceplate in good condition. Glass […]

DESCO WWII U.S. Navy Diver’s Canvas Boots

$ - More Details

This pair of authentic DESCO WWII U.S. Navy diver’s boots weigh approximately […]

Diver's Pump

Hardhat Divers Pump

$875 - More Details

An authentic turn of the century hardhat diver air supply pump.  Made […]

Cargo List > MISC. > Diving Gear