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WWII 10-Power Deck Officer’s Scope

$ - More Details

This 1942, WWII 10-Power “Officer-of-the Deck” SPYGLASS has been marked with the serial […]


Vintage Ship’s Fireman’s Wrench

$65 - More Details

This Vintage Ship’s Fireman”s firehose wrench is made from brass and exhibits […]

Antique Steamer Trunk

$1750 - More Details

This incredible rare treasure is known as a “Steamer Trunk” which means […]

Turn of the Century Schooner Stove

$2200 - More Details

This amazing nautical antique is a true treasure. It is an authentic […]

1942 U.S. Navy Quartermaster Spyglass

$ - More Details

Beautiful 1942 Quartermaster Spyglass.  Like all of the treasures on our ship, […]


Vintage Teak Hatch Bulkhead Cabinet

$ - More Details

Feast your sea fairing eyes on this one of a kind treasure […]


Vintage Grace Line Docking Telegraph

$ - More Details

A vintage 1936 Docking telegraph recovered from the S.S Santa Rosa in […]


USS Catfish (SS-339)

$ - More Details

USS Catfish (SS-339), a Balao-Class submarine, was a ship of the United […]


USS Clamagore

$145 - More Details

USS Clamagore (SS-343) is a Balao-Class submarine, presently a museum ship at […]

Vintage Chris Craft Helm

$350 - More Details

Authentic Vintage Chris Craft Helm measures 16″ in diameter and is in […]

Various Vintage Shipyard Foundry Molds

$P.O.R. - More Details

We have the mother load of Antique Wooden Foundry Molds recovered from […]

WWII USN Submarine Depth Gauge

$ - More Details

This is your chance to own an Authentic WWII US Navy Submarine […]


WWII Water Tight Door

$2,000 - More Details

Attention! We have an Authentic WWII Water Tight Door on display in our […]

Alaska Steamship Co. Silver Spoon

$45.00 - More Details

This Vintage Alaska Steamship Company Silver Plated Spoon was manufactured by Wallace […]

Vintage Cunard Line Matchbox Holder

$65 - More Details

This Vintage Cunard Line Table Top Matchbox Holder was manufactured sometime in […]

Brass and Aluminum Portholes

$175-375.00 - More Details

We have several authentic portholes available in both brass and aluminum which […]

Cargo List > MISC. > Nautical Antiques