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Small Brass Sheet Winch

$35 - More Details

A solid brass sheet winch turned into a handsome paper weight.  Has […]

Barlow Sheet Winches

$650 for the set - More Details

A 4 piece set of Australian made Barlow sheet winches salvaged from […]

Large Brass Turnbuckles

$95 for pair - More Details

Two solid brass 1/2 inch sized turnbuckles polished and lacquer coated by […]

HySpeed Yacht Windlass

$550 - More Details

An S-L Hyspeed Yacht Windlass salvaged from a 1930’s era wooden Tahitian […]

1880’s Vintage Glouchester Schooner Pulley’s

$175 each - More Details

This fine set of hard wood pulley’s are over 100 years old […]

Nautical Hardware

$ - More Details

Tons of new hardware in the showroom!

Wooden Yacht Porthole

$ - More Details

A solid bronze single dog porthole salvaged from a wooden sailboat and […]


Salvaged Wooden Yacht Brass Portholes

$245 a piece - More Details

Avast mateys..  Behold the latest treasure to come aboard at Maidhof Bros […]

Solid Bronze Schooner Rigging Blocks

$ - More Details

A seaworthy pair of 3/8″ diameter line bronze double sheave rigging blocks […]


Large Pair of Stainless Steel Yacht Cleats

$275 - More Details

A magnificent pair of salvaged stainless steel yacht deck cleats.  Measuring 15 […]

Vintage Solid Brass Flagpole Brackets

$125 Each - More Details

Very hard to find, vintage solid brass flagpole brackets! Base measures 3 […]

4 Piece Anchor Lock

$125 - More Details

This  Authentic Solid Brass Anchor Lock comes as a 4 piece set. […]

British Admiralty Block

$ - More Details

Authentic British Admiralty Block available in our showroom today. It is equipped […]


Bronze Oval Porthole

$245 Each - More Details

We have two of these unusual Authentic bronze oval shaped nautical portholes […]

3 Wheel Pulley

$ - More Details

This hardy vintage pulley has three brass wheels, making it not only […]


WWII “Black Out” Porthole

$ - More Details

This Authentic WWII Porthole was manufactured by the Marine MFG + Supply […]

Cargo List > MISC. > Rigging & Hardware
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