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“Galley” Rack

$265 - More Details

This is a hand crafted, nicely varnished Mahogany “Galley” rack.  It measures […]

Very Rare British “Seahorse” Bow Lantern

$750 - More Details

This lamp was part of Trader Vic’s personal collection for a number […]

Brass Towel Bar

$125 - More Details

A glorious piece of ships brass hardware mounted on solid mahogany.  A […]

Brass WW2 Lifeboat Bell

$145 - More Details

A solid brass WW2 era lifeboat bell mounted on a slab of […]

Stowaway Brass Towel Bar

$ - More Details

A solid brass ships foldaway towel bar. A nice piece of marine […]


Large Brass Turnbuckles

$95 for pair - More Details

Two solid brass 1/2 inch sized turnbuckles polished and lacquer coated by […]

HySpeed Yacht Windlass

$550 - More Details

An S-L Hyspeed Yacht Windlass salvaged from a 1930’s era wooden Tahitian […]

Kelvin White Constellation Compass

$650 - More Details

Beautifully restored to ship shape condition and in working order.  A 1950’s […]

Brass Sheet Winch

$175 - More Details

A heavy duty solid brass sheet winch salvaged, restored and put up […]

Large Brass 2 Dog Porthole

$475 - More Details

A large brass porthole salvaged and restored to a mirror like shine […]

Antique Bronze Hatch Porthole

$125 - More Details

This small antique bronze porthole was salvaged from the same Tahitian Ketch […]

Antique Yacht Portholes Three available!

$250 each - More Details

Three bronze portholes salvaged from a wooden hulled Tahitian Ketch which sailed […]

Vintage Brass Spyglass

$850 - More Details

There seems to be no marking’s on this particular telescope, though we […]

B. PEDERSEN Marine Lantern

$325 - More Details

This Vintage Marine Oil Lantern was manufactured by the B.Pedersen company and […]

Helm Ashtray

$85 - More Details

This amazing treasure is a solid brass ashtray equipped with spinning helm […]

1942 U.S. Navy Officer of the Deck Spyglass

$750 - More Details

Beautiful 1942 Officer of Deck Spyglass.  Like all of the treasures on our […]

Cargo List > Brass
1 2 3 14