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Copper Plate Sea Character by Coner Culver

$350 - More Details

This Remarkable Piece of Art was created using alternative photographic processes on […]

WWII Era Life Boat Compass

$450 - More Details

A beautifully restored antique compass made by John E. Hand & Sons […]

Glasgow Copper Masthead

$ - More Details

This salty beauty is a very rare, copper & brass Masthead Lantern […]


Authentic Miller-Dunn “Divinhood”

$5500 - More Details

This is an Authentic Navy-Standard Divinhood by Miller-Dunn of Miami, Florida, style […]

Port & Starboard Ships Lamps….Giant Sized

$2500 - More Details

A giant sized set of vintage Port & Starboard Running Lights made […]

Copper Cabin Lanterns

$295 Pair - More Details

Wired to be hung up as swag lamps, these copper and brass […]

Copper Tung Woo Marine Lantern

$ - More Details

This Nice Copper and Brass Marine Lantern was manufactured by Tung Woo […]


Vintage Giant Sized Copper Buoy Lamp

$ - More Details

This vintage buoy lantern was manufactured by the AGA Industrial Company, founded […]


Set of 4 Navigation Lights

$ - More Details

This is a Very Rare set of 4 Vintage Tung Woo Navigation […]


WWI Diving Boots

$ - More Details

This Pair of Authentic WWI Diving Boots are are made of leather, […]



$550 - More Details

This Vintage NOT UNDER COMMAND Lantern was manufactured by the Best & […]

Rare Vintage British Masthead Lantern

$950.00 - More Details

This is a very rare vintage British Masthead Lantern manufactured by SEACONE […]

Massive Double Lens Masthead Lantern

$1850.00 - More Details

This Massive Double Fresnel Lens Masthead Lantern is made of both copper […]

Cargo List > Copper