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Vintage Sailboat Rigging Blocks

$145-225 - More Details

It’s not everyday that we a selection of vintage sailboat pulley blocks, […]

Steel Oil Lantern

$375 - More Details

This Galvanized Steel Nautical Oil Lantern is a fine example of the […]

Steel WWII Masthead

$425 Each - More Details

This Authentic WWII Masthead Lantern was salvaged from a Liberty Ship and […]

Steel Trawler Lantern

$375 - More Details

This Vintage Steel Marine Trawler Lantern is in excellent seafaring condition and […]

Big Eye Binoculars

$ - More Details

These Big Eye FUJI MEIBO Naval Binoculars are made of polished aluminum, […]


2 40FT Steel Anchor Chains

$Inquire - More Details

We have 2, 40ft Steel Anchor Chains available for purchase, each sold […]

Steel Oar Hooks

$45 - More Details

These Oar Hooks are made of steel and measure 7 1/4″ long […]

Ship’s Cabin Fold-Up Ditty table/bench

$325.00 - More Details

This authentic ships ditty table is made of solid mahogany and its […]

Large Ship’s Anchor Lantern

$525.00 - More Details

This Vintage Steel Anchor Lantern is quite the beast measuring 20″ tall, […]

3 Large Vintage Fishing Racks

$650.00 Each - More Details

We have 3 vintage tuna racks salvaged from the San Diego fishing […]

Ship’s Engine Room Cage Light

$450.00 - More Details

A heavy duty engine room lighting fixture recovered from a 1950’s cargo […]

Cargo List > steel