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Custom Booze Chest

$3500 - More Details

This One-of-a-Kind Booze Chest is constructed of actual teak decking from the […]

WWII “Ready Room” British Navy Desk

$675 - More Details

This WWII “Ready Room” British Navy desk is made of teak wood […]

Ship’s Deck Chair

$1500 - More Details

Amazing Ship’s Deck Chair is made of solid teak wood and fitted […]


Captain’s 1st Class Booze Locker

$2750 - More Details

The Captain’s Booze Locker was brought back to life by Crew Member […]


Nautical Patio Table

$3000 - More Details

This remarkable nautical table was salvaged from the decks of a schooner […]

Herreshoff Saluting Cannon brass and teak

$ - More Details

Feast your landlubber eyes upon this Authentic Herreshoff Saluting Cannon, in mint […]


Bow Sprit Bar Table

$ - More Details

This Remarkable One-Of-A-Kind Bar Table is comprised of an Authentic Vintage Bow […]


Heavy Duty Ship’s Wheel

$475 - More Details

This Gorgeous Authentic Vintage Ship’s Helm is made of  a very solid […]

Vintage Teak Hatch Bulkhead Cabinet

$ - More Details

Feast your sea fairing eyes on this one of a kind treasure […]


Teak Deck Railing Coat Rack

$345 - More Details

This brilliant coat rack is comprised of a slab of solid teak […]

Captain’s Toilet Paper Holder

$75 - More Details

It’s the small touches and attention to detail which transform a space […]

Antique Teak Chest

$ - More Details

Stunning Solid Teak Antique Chest with brass diving plaque measures 40″ wide, […]


Teak Yacht Table

$595 - More Details

This Wall Mounted 1st Class Folding Yacht Table is made of solid […]

Vintage Teak Helm

$475 - More Details

This Gorgeous Authentic Vintage Ship’s Helm is made of solid teak wood […]

Officer’s Saloon Bar

$ - More Details

This Vintage Officer’s Saloon Bar has been fully restored by the master’s […]


America the Great

$1250 - More Details

This beautiful and monumental “AMERICA” sign is made of solid brass letters, […]

Cargo List > Teak