Vintage Mahogany Ships Doors with original frame


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Vintage cargo ship’s mahogany wood doors with original hardware, porthole and wood frame.  This particular door including the frame measures approximately 36 inches wide by 80 inches high overall.  Door itself measures 32 1/4 wide x 78 1/4 tall and is 2 inches thick.  Porthole glass is 10 inches in diameter and made of stainless steel.  Some of the portholes are copper plated over stainless.  This is a right hand door, meaning it pushes open with the right hand as the hinges are on the left side. We have both right and left hand ship’s doors available. The beautiful workmanship and the pure marine mahogany that these maritime relics are built of is breath taking. Thick solid marine quality mahogany from a different era. These kinds materials cannot even be purchased today.  They are awesome examples of shipyard wood work from days gone by.  Click photos below for better viewing…

click the photos below for better viewing!

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