“Salvation From The Sea” Painting by R. DeRosset


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This new oil-on-board piece, “Salvation From The Sea”, by Richard DeRosset, depicts the PT-59, which was under the command of JFK, performing a rescue evacuation of 50+ marines from the 2nd Parachute Battalion of the 1st Marine Parachute Regiment who had been trapped during a raid on the Japanese held Choiseul Island.  PT-59 eventually ran out of gas and had to be towed by PT-236…Check out the documentary photograph of that fortuitous day, and please click photos below for better viewing…


Artist Richard DeRosset is known for his depictions of maritime scenes which have been commissioned by numerous museums and private collections, notably, The San Diego Aerospace Museum, The Navy Combat Art Museum, and The Smithsonian Institution. He is also the official artist for the San Diego Maritime Museum.

click the photos below for better viewing!

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