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“Hidden Relic” by William Reel

$ - More Details

Beautiful hand carved and painted wooden sculpture of trout swimming in a […]


1880’s Vintage Glouchester Schooner Pulley’s

$175 each - More Details

This fine set of hard wood pulley’s are over 100 years old […]

Titanic Movie Prop Oar Lock

$ - More Details

Back in 1997, we were fortunate enough to provide many hundreds of […]


Thank You For Not Smoking Sign

$65 - More Details

Solid brass 2″ by 6.5″ plaque mounted on a nice mahogany desk […]

Driftwood Monte Carlo Sign

$175 - More Details

Nice piece of Nautical Decor art.  Measures 56″ long by 8″ wide.

Teak Bowsprit Shelf

$850 - More Details

Designed and created for your pleasure by our own Dean Maidhof.  Shelf […]

WWII 10-Power Deck Officer’s Scope

$ - More Details

This 1942, WWII 10-Power “Officer-of-the Deck” SPYGLASS has been marked with the serial […]


Helmet Clock

$225 - More Details

This is a great nautical decor piece, suited best for your Captain’s […]

Authentic Jacobs Ship Ladder

$175 - More Details

This Authentic Jacob’s Ladder was salvaged by our crew from a vessel […]

Decorative Tuna Carving

$245 - More Details

This Decorative Tuna design was carved from solid mahogany wood, varnished to […]

Authentic Porthole Mirror

$1500 - More Details

These are made to order: Glorious Authentic Brass Porthole has been fully […]

Eagle Wood Carving

$ - More Details

A solid slab of mahogany with a glorious American Eagle and Stars […]


HMS Black Prince Model

$3250 - More Details

A museum quality,  hand crafted wooden model of a British  three masted […]


Vintage Nautical Photograph Coasters

$18.00 - More Details

Amazing set of authentic vintage nautical photographs turned into coffee table coasters…A […]

Sailboat Half Hull

$175 - More Details

Ahoy,  here we have a handsome looking half hull mounted on solid […]

Cargo List > Decor