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USS Catfish (SS-339)

$ - More Details

USS Catfish (SS-339), a Balao-Class submarine, was a ship of the United […]


USS Clamagore

$145 - More Details

USS Clamagore (SS-343) is a Balao-Class submarine, presently a museum ship at […]

Boss Illuminator

$375 - More Details

This exceptional piece of artwork was designed and brought to life by […]

Authetnic Bronze Porthole

$275 - More Details

This Authentic Nautical Porthole is made of solid bronze is in sea-faring […]

H.M.S. Spartan Goes Down

$3500 - More Details

This master piece by famed painter and historian Richard DeRosset depicts the […]

US Naval Air Station Bookends

$265 - More Details

This Nice Pair of US Naval Air Station Bookends are just what […]

Majestic American Eagle Sculpture By A. Giannelli

$ - More Details

Born in Volterra, Italy, over a century ago, artist Arnaldo Giannelli grew […]


America the Great

$1250 - More Details

This beautiful and monumental “AMERICA” sign is made of solid brass letters, […]

Revenue Cutter, 1816

$ - More Details

This Remarkable Half Hull of the Revenue Cutter Dallas, 1816, is the […]


Revenue Cutter Dallas 1816

$ - More Details

This Remarkable Half Hull of the Revenue Cutter Dallas, 1816, measures 24.5″ […]


Vintage Half Hull In Case

$365 - More Details

This Wonderful Vintage Half Hull has been secured in a nice, solid […]

Vintage Hand Painted Seafood Sign

$1200 - More Details

This Salty Vintage Hand Painted sign reads “Fresh Shellfish Daily” and measures […]

Welcome Aboard!

$275 - More Details

This awesome Hand Painted Nautical Sign with brass clock measures 19″ x […]

Chief Cook’s Galley Rack

$ - More Details

This Special Galley Rack is made of teak wood, has been varnished […]


Vintage Pirate Bookends

$ - More Details

Argggggg! These salty bronze clad bookends were manufactured by the Marion Bronze […]



$1850 - More Details

This gorgeous hand carved challenger sign measures about 85″ x 9.5″ and […]

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