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Astra III B Sextant

$550 - More Details

A first class modern day navigators marine sextant in excellent condition.  Ready […]

USS Constellation Phone

$1250.00 - More Details

Behold an authentic US Navy shipboard telephone.  Fully restored and in ship […]

Ships Bell Clock and Weather Station

$950 - More Details

A Chelsea “Boston” series ships bell clock paired with a matching Chelsea […]

WWII LifeBoat Compass

$425 - More Details

A WW2 era brass Lifeboat binnacle compass with the original oil burning […]

WWII Era Life Boat Compass

$450 - More Details

A beautifully restored antique compass made by John E. Hand & Sons […]

WWII Ships Chelsea Clock

$695 - More Details

An authentic US Navy ships deck clock from WWII, dated 1943.  This […]

U.S.N. Bitch Box Telephone

$695 - More Details

This Vintage USN Ship’s telephone was known as the “Bitch Box”. It […]

1942 Quartermaster Spyglass

$ - More Details

This is a WWII AUTHENTIC 1942 Mark II, 16 power Quartermaster Spyglass. The […]


U.S.M.C. Barometer

$225 - More Details

This is a brass weather barometer mounted on a shield shaped, double […]

Quartermaster Spyglass

$ - More Details

This authentic WWII 1943 Quartermaster scope measures 31.5″ long and is mounted […]


U.S.N Loud Speaker

$275 - More Details

U.S.N. Bureau Of Ships, Type CUL-49546,  loud speaker, pre-1955 vintage.  Mahogany mounting […]

Vintage Brass Spyglass

$650 - More Details

There seems to be no marking’s on this particular telescope, though we […]

WWII 10-Power Deck Officer’s Scope

$ - More Details

This 1942, WWII 10-Power “Officer-of-the Deck” SPYGLASS has been marked with the serial […]


WWII Sound Powered Telephone

$ - More Details

This is a pair of working Authentic USN  WWII Sound Powered Telephones, […]


USN Mark I Gimbal Compass in Box

$950 - More Details

Authentic US Navy Bu of Ships No.1 Compass, Mark 1 Model 1, […]

Pair of 1950’s Bootcamp Phones

$950 - More Details

This amazing pair pair of telephones were removed from the Marine Corps […]

Cargo List > Instruments
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