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Antique Brass Porthole

$ - More Details

An antique solid Brass Porthole that hails from the early 1900’s. The […]


WWII Lifeboat Ration Cabinet Doors

$450 Pair - More Details

Pair of authentic WWII Lifeboat Ration Cabinet doors made of heavy bronze. […]

Antique Sheet Winches mini bronze pair

$125 - More Details

An ancient set of solid bronze mini sheet winches. They work to […]

Amphitrite Schooner

$650 - More Details

This Remarkable yet Salty 4 mast schooner was modeled after the HMS […]

Vintage French Line Paper Model of Normandie

$7.50 - More Details

Vintage paper model of the famous French Luxury Liner NORMANDIE.. Paper “cut […]

Vintage Diver Print

$265 - More Details

This amazing relic captures the by-gone days of Diving, when times were […]

Solid Brass Candle Sticks

$75 - More Details

A Set of !st Class Captain’s Candle Sticks made of solid brass. […]

Antique Steamer Trunk

$1750 - More Details

This incredible rare treasure is known as a “Steamer Trunk” which means […]

Turn of the Century Schooner Stove

$2200 - More Details

This amazing nautical antique is a true treasure. It is an authentic […]

Vintage Ship’s Helm

$550 - More Details

This Rare Nautical Collectible Treasure is authentic solid brass Ship’s Helm. It […]


Heavy Duty Ship’s Wheel

$475 - More Details

This Gorgeous Authentic Vintage Ship’s Helm is made of  a very solid […]

Authentic Ship’s Telegraph

$ - More Details

A WW2 Liberty Ship’s engine order telegraph restored to ship shape condition […]


1st Class Cigar Box

$ - More Details

Although we are most known for our Mastery of the restoration process, […]


Brass Replacement Dials

$45-65 - More Details

We have an assortment of various brass dials meant for ship’s clocks […]

Solid Brass Captain’s Fireplace Essentials

$265 - More Details

This remarkable 4 piece fireplace set is made of solid brass and […]

1942 U.S. Navy Quartermaster Spyglass

$ - More Details

Beautiful 1942 Quartermaster Spyglass.  Like all of the treasures on our ship, […]

Cargo List > MISC.