USS Nautilus (SS 168) Painting by R. DeRosset

$1500 - More Details

USS Nautilus (SF-9/SS-168), a Narwhal-class submarine and one of the “V-boats”, was […]

Hand Painted Key West

$325 - More Details

This Bright and Lively painting of the Key West was hand-painted by […]

Steel Oar Hooks

$45 - More Details

These Oar Hooks are made of steel and measure 7 1/4″ long […]

Solid Brass Captain’s Hooks

$8.50-25.50 - More Details

We have enough gorgeous Solid Brass Captain’s Hooks in our showroom to […]

Authentic 1794 Sea Chart

$495 - More Details

George Washington was still walking the planet when this Authentic Antique Sea […]

Original Marine Painting “The Exodus” over 8 feet long

$4500 - More Details

The Exodus was a ship that carried Jewish emigrants from France to […]

Japanese Imperial Navy Collectable

$350.00 - More Details

This is a matted and framed set of vintage postcards from 1935 […]

USS Nautilus SSN 571 Nuclear Submarine Painting

$1500 - More Details

The USS Nautilus (SSN-571) was the world’s first operational nuclear-powered submarine. The […]

“Ambush” By R.DeRosset

$1,250 - More Details

This remarkable painting titled  “Ambush” #744, by Richard DeRosset depicts the MSB-51 […]

Classic Vintage Borghini Decanter

$325.00 - More Details

This Classic Vintage Decanter was manufactured by Borghini of Italy. It was […]

Brass and Aluminum Portholes

$175-375.00 - More Details

We have several authentic portholes available in both brass and aluminum which […]

“Salvation From The Sea” Painting by R. DeRosset

$950 - More Details

This new oil-on-board piece, “Salvation From The Sea”, by Richard DeRosset, depicts […]

“On The Delta” By Richard DeRosset

$1250 - More Details

This heart stopping oil on board painting of the Battle on the Mekong […]

“Beach The Ship” by Richard DeRosset

$1650 - More Details

This haunting oil-on-board painting by Richard DeRosset, “Beach The Ship” depicts the […]

Painting of the steamship SS Astraea, C.1899

$850.00 - More Details

This Original oil on canvas painting of the passenger-cargo ship SS Astraea […]

Vintage Japanese Fish Floats

$ - More Details

These Vintage Japanese Fish Floats measure about 1ft in diameter and are […]